CFP: Revisiting the Film History Survey

CFP: Revisiting the Film History Survey – Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier Vol 4 (4)

Proposal (250 words) deadline: July 15th. See full details.

Film history surveys, be they one-course introductions or more extensive two- or three-course sequences, form an important foundation of many film studies programs, even as the disciplines from which we borrowed the idea (literature, art history, and history itself) are moving away from surveys in favor of topics courses. At the same time, many film programs are interdisciplinary minors or majors that operate without historical surveys…

This teaching dossier will consider the possibilities of the film history survey from all angles, neither presupposing that a film history survey is easily dispensable, nor that it is absolutely essential. We seek proposals for articles that offer innovative teaching methods for film history surveys, ideas for how to live, or even thrive, without a survey, and accounts of how programs have adapted to adding, removing, or reformulating their historical courses…

For further information and full guidelines: See full details.


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