Recent Publications of Interest

Listed by Press

Bloomsbury Press

Guy Barefoot, Gaslight Melodrama: From Victorian London to 1940s Hollywood

Sarah Street, Transatlantic Crossings: British Feature Films in the United States

University of California Press

Rob King, Hokum!: The Early Sound Slapstick Short and Depression-Era Mass Culture


University of Chicago Press

David Bordwell, The Rhapsodes: How 1940s Critics Changed American Film Culture


Columbia University Press

Lucy Fischer, Cinema by Design: Art Nouveau, Modernism, and Film History


Edinburgh University Press

Matthew Carter and Andrew Patrick Nelson, eds. ReFocus: The Films of Delmer Daves

Iwan Morgan and Philip John Davies, eds. Hollywood and the Great Depression: American Film, Politics and Society in the 1930s

Gary D Rhodes and Robert Singer, eds. ReFocus: The Films of Budd Boetticher

Simon Willmett, In Secrecy’s Shadow: The OSS and CIA in Hollywood Cinema 1941-1979


University of Illinois Press

Robert Miklitsch, The Red and the Black: American Film Noir in the 1950s


Indiana University Press

Eugenia Paulicelli, Drake Stutesman, and Louise Wallenberg, eds., Film, Fashion, and the 1960s

Gerald Hamonic, Terrytoons: The Story of Paul Terry and His Classic Cartoon Factory


Oxford University Press

Todd Berliner, Hollywood Aesthetic: Pleasure in American Cinema

Giorgio Biancorosso, Situated Listening: The Sound of Absorption in Classical Cinema

Sarah Gleeson-White, William Faulkner at Twentieth Century-Fox: The Annotated Screenplays

Marsha Gordon, Film is Like a Battleground: Sam Fuller’s War Movies

David Greven, Intimate Violence: Hitchcock, Sex, and Queer Theory


Palgrave Macmillan

Murray Pomerance, The Man Who Knew Too Much (BFI Classic)

Debbie Olson, Black Children in Hollywood Cinema: Cast in Shadow



David Landau, Film Noir Production: The Whodunit of the Classic American Mystery Film

Elizabeth Kraft, Restoration Stage Comedies and Hollywood Remarriage Films: In conversation with Stanley Cavell


Rutgers University Press

Chris Cagle, Sociology on Film: Postwar Hollywood’s Prestige Commodity

Blair Davis, Movie Comics: Page to Screen/Screen to Page

Jonna Eagle, Imperial Affects: Sensational Melodrama and the Attractions of American Cinema

Lester D. Friedman and Allison B. Kavey, Monstrous Progeny: A History of the Frankenstein Narratives

Therese Grisham and Julie Grossman, Ida Lupino, Director: Her Art and Resilience in Times of Transition

Erin Hill, Never Done: A History of Women’s Work in Media Production

Charlie Keil, Kristen Whissel, eds. Editing and Special/Visual Effects

Robert P. Kolker, The Extraordinary Image: Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, and the Reimagining of Cinema

Delia Malia Caparoso Konzett, Hollywood’s Hawaii: Race, Nation, and War

Adrienne L. McLean, ed. Costume, Makeup, and Hair

Pamela Robertson Wojcik, Fantasies of Neglect: Imagining the Urban Child in American Film and Fiction

SUNY Press

Douglas McFarland and Wesley King, eds. John Huston as Adaptor

Barton Palmer, Homer B. Pettey, and Steven M. Sanders, eds. Hitchcock’s Moral Gaze

Steven Rybin, Gestures of Love: Romancing Performance in Classical Hollywood Cinema

Will Scheibel, American Stranger: Modernisms, Hollywood, and the Cinema of Nicholas Ray


University of Texas Press

Barry Keith Grant and Malisa Kurtz, eds. Notions of Genre: Writings on Popular Film Before Genre Theory

Jans B. Wager, Jazz and Cocktails: Rethinking Race and the Sound of Film Noir

Wallflower Press

Guy Barefoot, Trash Cinema: The Lure of the Low

Wesleyan University Press

Bradley Schauer, Escape Velocity: American Science Fiction Film, 1950-1982


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