Announcing: The Old Hollywood Times Blog & Podcast

The Old Hollywood Times is a contemporary set of publications for the year of 2017, recreating the “real time” Hollywood events of 1942. It’s is the research project of Emerson College students: Wesley Emblidge, Natalie Busch, and Emily Hillebrand.

The Old Hollywood Times is a web-based newspaper focused on the films and events of Old Hollywood. Articles are published to coincide with the 75th anniversary of a given film or news story, and visitors can track film history through tags and our archives.

While our social media content and article titles appear in the present tense as though they are from the 1940s, all articles are written in the past tense, looking at the lasting legacy of these films 75 years later.

We hope that by showing you how everything happened in real-time we can provide a better understanding of the way this industry operated day-to-day.

We’re doing even more on social media, so follow along with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.



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