Member: Peter Labuza

1940 Academy Awards Dinner

Peter LabuzaPhD student, Cinema and Media Studies, Visual Studies Graduate Certificate Program, University of Southern California
MA, Film Studies, Colombia University

Research Interests: Hollywood historiography, film style and aesthetics, corporate and legal history, art cinema, and cinephilia alongside its extensions.

Peter’s dissertation will examine the transition of live television directors to Hollywood filmmaking in the late 1950s and 1960s, using extensive archival evidence to examine modifications in corporate structures, legal contracts, publicity firms, and stylistic strategies. The project re-examines the Hollywood New Wave beyond its cultural mythology by focusing on the regulation of artistic practice through larger trends in American business and legal culture.

Publications: Outside of his academic work, Labuza is the host of The Cinephiliacs, the author of Approaching The End: Imagining Apocalypse in American Filmand a booklet editor for the UK Blu-Ray distributor Masters of Cinema. He has contributed to Variety, The Village Voice, Reverse Shot, The AV Club, Little White LiesIndiewire, The LA Review of Books, Filmmaker Magazine, and RogerEbert.Com among others.


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